Modern Cave Man


digital photo-print on canvas
Dining H165 x 250cm
Jesus H175 x 244cm
Vermeer H175 x 281cm
Boby H150 x 356cm

Idea is based around a concept of a modern cave man – primitive human existing in the shadow of XXIst century city.

Pictures were taken in Bethnal Green in London borough of Tower Hamlets – in one of council flats of none existing now buildings – demolished in an attempt of neighbourhood regeneration for 2012 Olympics. In that time the empty flats were occupied by squatters.
I’ve tried to capture the impression of primitive life in modern building, to show our basic life routine, a human trapped in a modern cave, a common picture of a caveman, hunting to survive but not for an animal, showing signs of creativity by simple wall paintings and art crafts, starting to form relationships with same of his kind.