Exchange Projects

Exchange Projects was born out of 5 artists looking to create and promote socially engaged artwork, collaborating with local communities and artists. Since forming, we have worked with Hackney WickED, Hackney Wick Festival, The Yard Theatre, Wick Award, Found Art Collective and a range of primary schools in the East London area including; St Dominic’s, Rushmore, Seabright and Gainsborough, along with a number of other artists and collectives.

Exchange Projects is Jack Brown, Joanna Nowek, Sadie Edginton, Lucy Dalzell, Louise Isik-Sayarer and Eva Knutsdotter Vikstrom.

“Future Royals” – Sebright School Portraits

While working within a local school (Seabright Primary), looking at young Londoner’s – I’ve tried to capture a sense of a future, by investigating pupils family history, their roots, cultural heritage – to show possible outcome resulting from ongoing transition in British history and consideration of what seems to be going largely unnoticed – how such developments might fundamentally affect the wider British society.

“Future Royals” – Royal Portrait